Something Happened At McDonalds + Free Printables

The concept of ripples has always been intriguing to me. It has so many associations with it, and I feel they are almost always positive. Ripples begin because something happened first. Take for example a very still pond and how the ripples form as those first few drops of rain hit its surface. 

Just as rain can create ripples, so can people. There are so many things we can do, say and be that create beautiful ripples. Some really fun ways to make ripples is the whole 'pay it forward' concept. We had our very first experience with this when my kids were very young. We were in line at McDonalds on Black Friday getting some breakfast and the car in front of us paid for our meal. We were so excited and touched. The kids were amazed. We all immediately wanted to do this for someone else. It was practically contageous. This event took place a long time ago, but we all still remember it well. As a result of this one person at McDonalds so very long ago, doing these types of random acts of kindness have now been woven into our family's story. In fact, every year since, we go back to McDonalds on Black Friday and pay it forward -- remembering where it all began and we do this from time to time throughout the year as well in different capacities. So thank you mystery person - you created some ripples that have been continuing for years!

Kids love kindness. They are so motivated by both receiving and giving kindness. We want to encourage you on your journey to impact the kids in your life. In the link below is a free printable for you that has encouraging note cards you can write to your child or any child in your life. Personally, I like to "catch" my kids doing something good, remember it, and then write them a note and put it up on the bathroom mirror. When they wake in the morning they have a little bit of encouragement waiting for them and hopefully a smile to begin their day. It may be simple, but a note like this is a drop, and it will make a ripple, and you just don't know how many other ripples will be formed because of it. 

We hope you enjoy the cards, and we'd love to hear back from you if you used them. 

Let's make Ripples,


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