Dzi Eye +Obsidian | Freedom Bracelet

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Jet black obsidian is surrounded by traditional Tibetan eye beads which stand for light and hope. Together, these beads create a gorgeous gray and black combination. A subtle silver accent completes the look. Bead diameters are 8mm. 

Wear them for looks, wear them for freedom: Each purchase has extra special meaning as we donate 50% of the profit from each sale directly to anti-human trafficking. 

Don't forget to check out our complementary charm bar and choose a fun charm to complete your look and add a bit of customization. 

Choose your size above - each bracelet is hand strung onto jewelry stretch wire to make slipping them off and on easy.

We believe people cannot be bought and sold
We believe in a world where slavery does not exist
We believe that all people have the right to a bright future
We believe that one by one we will set the captives free
I am a Ripple Maker and my bracelet means freedom

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Dzi Eye +Obsidian | Freedom Bracelet
Dzi Eye +Obsidian | Freedom Bracelet
Dzi Eye +Obsidian | Freedom Bracelet
Dzi Eye +Obsidian | Freedom Bracelet

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