Teardrop and Bar Pendant (fairtrade certified)

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You can stand firm on both ethical sourcing and great style. The Teardrop and Bar Pendant necklaces uses delicate brass work to create a unique design. The jewelry makers who crafted this piece were paid fair, consistent wages, while free learning centers in their communities prevent child labor.

  • Teardrop and bar brass pendant on brass chain
  • Adjustable 17-22L inches
  • Handmade in India

Our mission is to stop human trafficking by donating 50% of our profits ending human trafficking. Every time you shop with us, you become a Ripple in the movement to end this evil. 

The story behind this necklace:

TARA Projects stands for "Trade Alternative Reform Action." Working in a 125-mile radius of Delhi, TARA is a fair trade program for community development and business. The organization enables hundreds of artisans who create some of the major handicraft lines of North India to sell their products internationally. TARA is one of the pioneering Indian organizations in the field of fair wages, non-formal education programs for children and women, health and environmental awareness and further development for its member artisans. Artisan benefits from TARA include medical insurance, interest-free loans and advances, a savings program and skills training.



Teardrop and Bar Pendant  (fairtrade certified)
Teardrop and Bar Pendant  (fairtrade certified)
Teardrop and Bar Pendant  (fairtrade certified)
Teardrop and Bar Pendant  (fairtrade certified)

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