World For Good

World For Good was founded by Jennifer Moreau. As a survivor of domestic trafficking, she knows firsthand that mistreatment of women can happen to anyone regardless of their social, educational or financial status. She started World For Good to reach other women who have gone through or are currently going through abuse and exploitation. Her global partnerships help give women the skills and means to earn money. And with that comes options. It also brings the hope that comes when women feel like they have the power to make a better life for themselves and their children.

Jennifer Moreau World For Good

World For Good is a tote bag company producing fabric bags that are stylish, durable and socially responsible - providing you with a product that aligns both with your social conscience and pocket book.

Size and Color Will Vary

** Disclaimer – the color, pattern and the size of the products might vary slightly since they are produced
with the waste fabric available and are stitched by hand by people who are still in the process of improving their skills.

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