Amazonite Wrist Art -- Diffuser Freedom Bracelet

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Designed by Ripple and part of the Freedom Bracelet Collection, Amazonite Wrist Art is a true piece of art, featuring a gorgeous turquoise amazonite nugget and frosted jasper and brass accents. Due to the individual cut and polishing of the stones, no two amazonite nuggets will be exactly the same, making your bracelet wholly singular and unique. 

Essential Oil Option: Hidden within the design is a white wood bead should you choose to diffuse essential oils. The wood blends seamlessly with the jasper giving you flexibility. Our Freedom Bracelets look great individually or stacked together. 

FREE GIFT: Make yours unique by adding a fun charm to complete the look. Just pick your charm from the list above, and we'll add it to your bracelet! (There is a "no charm" option as well). Pictured is "Eiffel Tower (real plated gold)" 

All bracelets have a circumference between 7 in to 7.5 in and come on a stretch wire to make putting on and taking off easy and to fit most wrist sizes. 



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