Trinity Metal Earrings -Fairtrade certified

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Three teardrop hoops in copper, brass and silver-plated copper blend together to create a beautiful triage of mixed metals. These gorgeous earrings are hand crafted in Kariobangi, Nairobi, Kenya and inspired by traditional African jewelry.

  • Copper, brass, & silver-plated copper
  • 2 inches (length)
  • Made in Kenya
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • 50% of profits donated

    Our mission is to stop human trafficking by donating 50% of our profits ending human trafficking. Every time you shop with us, you become a Ripple in the movement to end this evil. 

    The story behind these earrings:

    Trinity Jewelry Crafts is a small jewelry–making business located on the edge of Kariobangi, one of the poorest sections of Nairobi and home to thousands of Kenyans. Profits are shared by the group, artisans participate in decision making and workers benefit from a pension and savings program. Founder and manager Joseph Muchina received training to make jewelry through a handicraft program offered by the National Council of Churches of Kenya. He does all of the jewelry design, finding his inspiration in traditional African jewelry. Muchina believes that economic opportunity, rather than handouts from government or charities, is the most effective way to address poverty.

    Trinity Jewelry Crafts was founded by three partners in 1984, and has been family–owned since 1990. 

    Trinity Metal Earrings -Fairtrade certified
    Trinity Metal Earrings -Fairtrade certified
    Trinity Metal Earrings -Fairtrade certified
    Trinity Metal Earrings -Fairtrade certified